Why I’m a Personal Injury Attorney

11.12.2019 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.

Why I'm a Personal Injury Attorney

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Minnesota Association for Justice (MNAJ) Women Trial Lawyers Conference in Nisswa, Minnesota. This energizing three-day conference brought together female trial lawyers from across the state of Minnesota to collaborate on various issues, which included becoming a more effective advocate for clients, the profession of law itself,  and litigation tips and techniques.

The Minnesota Association for Justice consists of plaintiff trial attorneys who represent injury victims. The organization works to ensure access to justice, advocates for justice in our community, and works legislatively to ensure justice for injured people in Minnesota. As a trial attorney, being a part of a large group of litigators lets me to know what did and didn’t work in other cases and helps me more effectively represent my clients in court.

The MNAJ Women’s section hosted this conference. Female attorneys in the community presented on topics that included strategies in dealing with obstructionist opposing counsel in depositions, techniques in defending and bringing motions for summary judgement, as well as digital marketing and the business of law. What struck me most were the presentations from the attorneys doing important work in our community, which also included defamation cases and immigration work at the border.

Injury attorneys often get a bad rap in our society today

When I tell people what I do – workers’ compensation and personal injury law – people sometimes awkwardly joke, “so you chase ambulances, huh?” No, I help people after what may be one of the worst days of their lives. I help people get compensated for their injuries. I help ensure that injured people have access to good healthcare, the costs of which would otherwise devastate their family’s finances. I help ensure that people do not lose their house or their car when insurance companies refuse to pay wage loss and they can’t make their payment. I help people who get hurt through no fault of their own. When insurance companies refuse to pay or admit liability, people have nowhere else to turn, except to injury attorneys.

When I tell people what I do . . . people sometimes awkwardly joke, “so you chase ambulances, huh?”

Worse yet, clients tell me that they feel guilty for bringing a lawsuit and assure me that they are in fact really hurt and aren’t taking advantage of the system. Insurance companies have spent vast amounts of resources communicating the unfair and false notion that they pay on “real injuries” or that scammers are flooding the justice system and forcing them to increase rates, that these “fake injuries” are ruining it for everyone. This is simply untrue and poisons not only my clients’ minds but jurors’ minds as well. Unfortunately, people don’t find this out for themselves until they or someone in their family is hurt. Cute slogans go out the door when people need insurance companies to pay for damages, despite paying years of expensive premiums.

Cute slogans go out the door when people need insurance companies to pay for damages, despite paying years of expensive premiums.

Injury attorneys are agents for positive social change

Injury attorneys make the world a safer place. Injury attorneys make it so that products are safer, work places are safer, negligent surgeons are not allowed to continue to maim patients, and that ordinary people are not taken advantage of by insurance companies. The Minnesota Association for Justice Women’s Trial Attorney Conference reminded me why I am proud to be an injury trial attorney.

The women litigators at the conference were passionate, aggressive, and dedicated trial attorneys, who also knew their clients’ names and faces. Our clients are people first. Unlike what the insurance company would like the public to believe, we know each of our clients’ stories, we believe them, and we will fight for them.

mary beth boyce

Mary Beth Boyce is a tenacious trial attorney who has successfully represented clients through jury trials and argued in front of the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals, Minnesota Court of Appeals, and Minnesota Supreme Court.

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