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What to Bring with You to Your Initial Consult with a Family Law Attorney

04.24.2019 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.


Divorce can be a complex process and scheduling an initial consult is the first step. The most common question I get after scheduling an initial consult is, “what should I bring with me?”  My response is “as much as possible.” I encourage potential clients to bring information that could be relative to their case. This includes documents about assets, debt, income, as well as any documents pertaining to their children, especially if they have special needs, so we can have a thorough meeting about to the process.


Below is a list of helpful documents to start the process.

  • Legal documents regarding these proceedings, including any Order for Protection or Harassment documents;
  • Paycheck stubs for you and your spouse from the last six months
  • Tax returns for the last five years with all schedules and attachments;
  • Deeds, Abstracts or Torrens Certificates showing legal description of all real property, Mortgage, contract for deed, or home improvement loan documents and property tax assessment statement for the last two years;
  • Stock and life insurance documents and most recent retirement plan records showing plan value;
  • Appraisals of any real estate, assets or business interests;
  • If you have filed bankruptcy, all legal documents;

The initial consult with your attorney is first step in the process. While helpful, it is not necessary to bring all of these documents with you. In many cases, most do not have access to their spouse’s information; that is fine. Your attorney is your partner is in this process and will help you get the information you need so you can make decisions and understand the entire picture.

At Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd., we have experienced and compassionate family law attorneys.  Kelly Eull is an attorney in the firm’s Family Law Department.  If you have questions about divorce or any other family law matter, please contact our office to set up a consult.

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