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Minnesota’s New Child Support Law

05.14.2019 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.


Minnesota’s new child support law that went into effect in August 2018 addresses basic child support, childcare support and medical support, just like the old law did. Just like the old law, the new law does not address many children’s expenses such as extracurriculars, school expenses and phones which would seem to be “shared” expenses that both parents should contribute towards their cost.

The Minnesota child support statute provides for a monthly sum to be paid from one parent to the other. The statute presumes that the children’s day-to-day living expenses will be taken care of by the parents once the monthly support obligation has been paid between the parents. As with the old law, the new child support law calculates child support such that the more parenting time or overnights a parent has, the less that parent pays to the other parent. Thus, the basic idea would be that the more parenting time a parent has, the more that parent pays the kids’ day-to-day expenses as they occur.  This isn’t always the reality as one parent often tends to buy certain items such the school supplies, coats, and signs the children up for activities

A good agreement will address these types of expenses. A mutual understanding and expectation regarding what contributions the each of the parent will make to day-to-day expenses, such as extracurriculars, clothing, school lunches, and cell phones should be outlined in your final agreements, so no one is surprised, and both parents are on the same page.

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