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Nonprofits & Churches: Planning for Eventual Reopening (Infographic)

05.20.2020 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.

Planning for Eventual Reopening in a Covid-19 world infographic snippet

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As many nonprofit organizations continue to provide essential services, others are planning for their eventual reopening. During this unprecedented global pandemic, nonprofit organizations (including churches) must develop and engage in appropriate protective measures specific to COVID-19 not only to protect those they serve but also to protect their volunteers, attendees/members and employees.

These protective measures may also help reduce legal liability and risk. 

COVID-19-related lawsuits are on the rise in other states, including suits focused on organizations’ alleged failures to warn or protect against COVID-19 exposures.

Examples of these claims include:

  • Failure to cleanse and sterilize the premises
  • Failure to provide employees with personal protective equipment
  • Failure to promote and enforce social distancing
  • Failure to take adequate steps to respond to the virus

Although it is unclear how Minnesota courts will view these types of COVID-19-lawsuits, organizations may be able to reduce legal liabilities and risks by taking appropriate actions today.

To help in understanding COVID-19-related recommendations for reopening nonprofit organizations, we’ve created an infographic:

Planning for Eventual Reopening in a Covid-19 world infographic

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact one of the Attorneys in our Nonprofit Law Department.

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