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Estate Planning is for Everyone – a Testimonial

08.18.2020 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.

Estate planning is for everyone - a testimonial

The following is an unsolicited testimonial from Chuck and Connie D.

“We have attended a variety of seminars conducted by Henningson and Snoxell.  All the seminars have given us great information and tools to use.  The seminars are free and the takeaway information and understanding is amazing.

“We thoroughly enjoy Susan Peterson-Lerdahl in how she presents estate information.  She covers facts, step by step actions to do, and incorporates it with great examples making the seminars fun and interesting.  Susan cuts through the confusion and clears up so many questions in layman’s terms and is very hands-on.  Her scenario type of examples makes estate planning so easy to understand and remember.  She is very upbeat and enjoyable to listen to.  Susan is a great communicator and truly cares that you understand.  Her question and answer session is invaluable! 

“We have learned how important it is to have a healthcare directive, power of attorney, will and/or trust in place.  For us, it was so important to have those documents in place for each other and also not to dump it all into the hands of the state or family if something were to happen to either or both of us.  Just having some of the documents in place is worth the money and peace of mind.

“We also learned what all the documents meant and how to navigate the rules that seem to continually change and most importantly, we believe, to have estate docs done by a legal entity.  Why?  Because we confidently knew they would be done correctly, properly, legally, and thoroughly.   Henningson and Snoxell also follow through if laws change and remind us of periodic reviews.  At the seminars, we received first hand, correct, accurate, and legal information – not hear-say.  Also, we learned that everyone’s situation is truly different.

“We have shared with others on how excellent Henningson and Snoxell are in how they make us feel as though we are their only client.  Everyone that we have worked with at the firm is very professional and so very personable.  The minute we met with Susan we knew she was in our corner, along with the backing of all the other resources in the firm.  Susan got to know us, our specific needs and wants, and drafted the documents to reflect such.

“We highly recommend the firm of Henningson and Snoxell and their seminars.    We value quality and excellence in service and that is what Henningson and Snoxell have provided for us.  Most importantly they have helped in giving us peace of mind, and in today’s world that is important.


Chuck and Connie D.

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