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4 More Tips for Co-Parenting During COVID

02.25.2021 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.

We recently posted “5 Tips for COVID Co-Parenting“. Here are a few additional tips to make co-parenting during a pandemic a little easier!

6. Exercise social distancing and government directives

Parents should exercise discretion in their contact with others and follow government directives and guidelines.  Parents should also address social distancing concerns with each other, and use the services of mediators and parenting coordinators to address any concerns before turning to the courts.

7. When it comes to make-up time, work together

Make-up time because of COVID-19 is reasonable but may not be a one-for-one proposition: If a child is wrongfully withheld, then a request for make-up time is valid. If parenting time is missed due to COVID-19-related issues or government orders, parents should work together to schedule make-up parenting time that promotes their child’s safety and well-being.  Family law judges expect reasonable accommodations and will take seriously concerns raised in later filings about parents who were inflexible in this regard.  

8. Use video or phone contact if necessary

If a parent cannot physically see the child during their scheduled parenting time due to COVID-19 issues, they should have reasonable video and/or phone contact with the child.

9. Go to the courts only as a last resort for disputes

Most family courts are open for online hearings, but resources are stretched and should be used with extreme discretion when initiating requests for Judicial help.

Negotiating a temporary change to the parenting time schedule can be difficult.  At Henningson & Snoxell, our family law attorneys can offer mediation to parents via Zoom meetings in order to help facilitate a productive conversation. If you need any help with your family law needs, give us a call!


Kelly Eull is an attorney in the firm of Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd. located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. She has been practicing law for over a decade and concentrates her practice in family law. Kelly has handled numerous family law matters involving dissolution of marriage, paternity, custody, and child support. 

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