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Family Law and COVID-19

03.20.2020 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.

Family Law

Our firm is committed to remaining open for business and available to assist our clients with all of your family legal needs. We also recognize and understand that the emergence and spread of COVID-19 may have had – or will have – a considerable effect on your family law matters.  We have received many custody and parenting time questions because of COVID-19 and multiple inquiries about child support and spousal maintenance as employment and income is affected by changing employment and income.   Our ability to help you with these matters will continue and we are available to provide legal services and answer your questions.

Business is not normal.   Federal Courts have announced complete closure and the State Courts, while still open, are adopting temporary rules limiting their operations.   We are encountering delays, cancelled or rescheduled hearings, and  new processes including more conference calls, emails and correspondence.  Other state, county and local government offices have or may soon make changes in how they work with the public and attorneys. All of these factors will impact how we do business and the rules are changing every day.

The family law practice at Henningson and Snoxell, Ltd. is experienced and understands our clients are dealing with difficult, emotional and very personal issues.   Our Family Law Attorneys are continuing to work on client files and are available to answer questions or provide assistance.   We are prepared to work with remote access.   Please continue to contact us by email or telephone and we will respond promptly. 

Our Family Law Team:

Jeffrey Berg
Kelly Eull
Jenni Toutloff
Jessica Hommedahl
Jessica Hammedahl

Our thoughts and best wishes are with our clients, friends, and everyone’s personnel during these difficult circumstances.

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