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Family and Medical Leave Expansion under the FFCR Act

03.27.2020 Written by: Henningson & Snoxell, Ltd.

The new Families First Coronavirus Response (FFCR) Act was signed into law last week, and business owners are wondering how it affects them. How does the new emergency expanion of Family and Medical Leave under this law affect you? We’ve put together an infographic to help you navigate the information.

Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion under the FFCR Act

A Few Notes…

Employers can elect to exclude Health Care Providers and Emergency Responders from this Emergency FMLA Leave. The US Department of Labor will issue regulations related to this at a later time.

Also, employers with 50 or less employees may be eligible for an exemption because of financial hardship, but as of this blog’s publishing, no guidelines around this have yet been given. The Secretary of the US Department of Labor will issue these determinations.

There are tax credits offered to employers for the payment of Emergency FMLA Leave equal to 100% of paid leave wages.

Finally, job restoration requirements under FMLA apply!

Questions? Contact one of our Business Law or Nonprofit attorneys. We’re here to help!

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