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Compliance with state and federal licensing regulations is increasingly becoming essential for many industries. At Henningson & Snoxell, our licensing department helps a wide range of clients throughout Minneapolis-St. Paul and beyond assess guidelines and accurately complete permit and license applications. In order to engage in certain forms of industry-specific activity, businesses are often required to comply with federal and state regulations and register with various agencies.

Real-life examples include:

  • Contractors obtaining a license to legally work in specific cities.
  • Registering with the EPA and other agencies for handling hazardous waste.
  • Medical device firms registering new products with the FDA.
  • Physicians, psychologists, law firms, engineering firms, financial planners, architect firms and mortgage brokers registering with governing agencies to open for business.

Our Maple Grove-based law firm combines experience, knowledge and a willingness to listen to our clients’ licensing needs.

We provide informative guidance to make our clients aware of the permits and licenses required in specific cities and counties as well as applicable government regulations. Our attorneys also educate and train our clients to help them avoid negative ramifications in the future. Contact our licensing lawyers at Henningson & Snoxell to discuss your regulatory compliance concerns.

Our Minnesota Licensing Attorneys

Rachell Henning has truly been a gift to our family. She has worked so hard to learn all the various aspects of my brother’s diagnosis, along with the multiple layers involved in getting him the care he needs. She was also extremely helpful in finding a person to serve as my brother’s emergency guardian. The amount of stress that I was feeling trying to do all of this care myself for over two years, has started to melt away, and I feel unbelievably lucky that the email came to me recommending your firm, and having Ms. Henning…

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