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At Henningson & Snoxell, we believe all older persons deserve to live with dignity. Based in Maple Grove, Minnesota, our elder law practice is devoted to protecting the rights and benefits of senior citizens. Our attorneys are experienced in, and compassionate about, educating and guiding clients and their families in these matters.

It is no secret that the American population is aging. With improvements in health care, nutrition and medicine, reaching 100 years of age is becoming more and more commonplace. While the average life expectancy is dramatically rising, a longer life does not always guarantee a better life. Older people often face health problems, exclusion, discrimination and poverty as they age.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, senior housing options, employment concerns and major life transitions can be a challenge for anyone to navigate. We work closely with elderly clients and their families to plan for the future through:

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We highly recommend the firm of Henningson and Snoxell and their seminars. We value quality and excellence in service and that is what Henningson and Snoxell have provided for us. Most importantly, they have helped in giving us peace of mind, and in today’s world that is important.

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